FTP Accounts for Addon Domains

To upload files, via FTP, to your addon domain you may either log in as an FTP user you created specifically for the addon domain, or logon as the main account username and simply upload everything into the addon domain’s folder.

To login with an FTP account you create, first create the FTP account in the Cherry Host cPanel. For help on creating an account, Click here.

To log in as the addon domain it will be:

  • Username: username@addon_domain.com
  • Password: FTP account password
  • Host: addondomain.com
  • Folder or Directory: /

Note: There is an undocumented feature of cPanel when you an FTP username you can replace @yourmaindomain.com with any active domain listed on your account. For instance, you could create a username like test123@yourmaindomain.com and when your login to your FTP client you replace yourmaindomain.com with addondomain.com, like this test123@addondomain.com. The password and other settings do not change.

The main FTP account can be used to access all the domains, files and folders on your account. Simply log into your FTP client and navigate to /public_html/addon_domains_folder/ and upload your files there.

  • Username: cPanel username – This can be found in the cPanel located in the left hand side column
  • Password: cPanel password – The password you use to login to your cPanel hosting account with Just Host
  • Host: yourdomain.com
  • Folder or Directory: public_html/addon_domains_folder/

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