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Why use Weebly? - Cherry Host Help, News & Updates

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Why use Weebly?

  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Coding experience not required
  • Customizable templates
  • Additional software addons (apps)
  • Price

If you are in the market to create a website for a new business or just want to freshen up what you have while getting into a new hosting company, Weebly just might be the ticket. With it’s drag and drop interface, the site builder allows the user to create professional looking sites in just a few minutes versus days or weeks.

Everyone from beginners to experienced web developers can make use of Weebly. The builder even has a code editor built in so if you’re not completely happy with the look of something on the page you can edit it further in the CSS files.

Weebly also includes a fully integrated shopping cart and secure checkout process. This is setup automatically when you create your online store, so you can start selling immediately. A small business could get their virtual space up and running faster than conventional html setups.

If the user is coming from something like say WordPress, they will find Weebly App Center a familiar sight. While the site builder does have quite a bit to offer, the App Center covers what some may feel is missing or needed. Of course, mileage may vary depending on what the user downloads so as with anything else on the internet; proceed with caution.

With Weebly templates, they seem to have been trying to get more mobile-responsive themes in place. Understand even if you use your own setup, the site builder will automatically create a mobile version and allow you to preview it. Older templates appear to work with mobile but at times graphics can be sized incorrectly going beyond the sides of the mobile screen.

Looking for more control over your files and not wanting to wait for someone to do updates for your site? Weebly can be ran this way on Cherry Host. You can download your entire site through the archive option in the builder and save it independently all the while setting up redirects and create a multitude of email accounts. While with Cherry Host you still must get hosting to get your site running, at $4.50 a month (annual price) a user would have complete control over everything, this price also includes a standard ssl for the site.

Side note, if you’re already looking at hosting be aware, were giving the opportunity to everyone try Weebly for thirty (30) days for free. A try before you subscribe kind of thing and you can see for yourself what all the commotion is about.

From what little I have described here I think I’ve been able to show that Weebly has made a competent website builder with a code editor. This makes the tool easy yet sophisticated, so the user can get as involved or not involved in the html process as they would like.

While not perfect the software gets glowing reviews from us here at Cherry Host. It just needs more templates and more apps that don’t feel slapped together. With only a few hiccups this tool can definitely be something that any business owner or site builder would want to get into.

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