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Before performing any major system maintenance such as upgrades or updates, backup of the system is generally recommended. With cPanel all you need to do is type in backup in the search bar which presents you with two icons: ‘Backup’ & ‘Backup Wizard’.

Note: If this is your first try in performing a backup of your website, go with ‘Backup Wizard’ to save yourself time.

Both ‘Backup’ and ‘Backup Wizard’ do the same thing. Only the Wizard will take some of the guess work out of the process. As well bear in mind that cPanel creates files using the format listed below.


Keep in mind that when you back up the /home directory, your backup will include everything you can access. The backup also includes files you don’t “own” but still can access.

Generate Full Backup

To make a full backup

  1. Select a storage option from the Backup Destination menu:
    • Home Directory — this will save the backup to your server
    • Remote FTP Server — this option will allow to you use a remote server so your backup is saved off site
    • Remote FTP Server (Passive Mode Transfer) — This allows you to use passive FTP.
    • SCP — Select this option to use secure copy protocol (SCP) to store the backup file on a remote server.
  2. Select a notification option:
    • Entering your email address allows you to be notified when the backup has completed.
    • If you do not wish to receive a notification, select Do not send email notification of backup completion.
  3. If you selected Remote FTP ServerRemote FTP Server (Passive Mode Transfer), or SCP from the Backup Destination menu, enter the remote destination’s information in the available text boxes.
  4. Click Generate Backup.

Access your Backup

To download an existing backup, just select the file from the Account Backups Menu.

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