Conditions for Elementor Templates

In this article, we are going to go over conditions and how they are applied to Elementor Templates such as the header and footer.

Ever since version 2.0 of Elementor, users have had the ability to make use of global templates such as the header and footer. These templates are used on the entire site or in any combination you can dream up.

Now with the Conditions options you can specify exactly where each template is set. It doesn’t matter if its a specific page, category or taxonomy. You have full control.

Each Conditions setting allows a user to either include or exclude different templates depending on your specifications.

For example, you could have two different headers for your site. One for the front page and one for everywhere else.

  1. You would tell the Conditions that you will ‘Include, Entire Site’
  2. You would tell the Conditions that you will also ‘Exclude, Front Page’

After you update the template, the current header will display everywhere but the front page. Then with the other header you would just do the following:

  1. You would tell the Conditions that you will ‘Include, Front Page’
  2. You would tell the Conditions that you will ‘Exclude, Entire Site’

Keep in mind, this setup could be used for creating pages with unique footers or other elements that may only need appear on specific pages.

With Conditions, this only scratches the surface of what you can do. Using Conditions, you could apply this to creating a unique Woo Commerce store with the archive template in Elementor.

If you find that you are still having difficulties, you can always drop a ticket with Cherry Host and we can check out your Conditions settings to get things running correctly.

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