Auto Update Copyright Shortcode in WordPress

Each year website administrators have to update their copyright in Elementor and are left wondering why there is no auto update function. As of this writing if you are using Elementor, there is no solution within the software to accomplish this. So after scouring the net, we have put together the solution for you!

With this set of instructions you will be editing an integral file to WordPress. So if you are not comfortable with this, please contact Cherry Host for assistance.

IMPORTANT: As with any good project, be sure to back up your site before starting any editing to integral files. If you were to accidentally break your site, you will still have all your files to revert back to thanks to the backup files.

Starting off you will want to go to Appearance >> Theme Editor in the admin dashboard of WordPress.

Here you will want to enter the following code snippet to the bottom of the functions.php file.

NOTE: If you are having problems finding the functions.php file, it is usually the second theme file listed. You should see Theme Functions with functions.php underneath in parenthesis.

add_shortcode( 'get_the_year', 'tu_get_the_year' );
function tu_get_the_year() {
    return date( 'Y' );

After you enter the code, be sure to click the ‘Update File’ button. Then you can add the following short code to your footer. (Be sure to remove the quotes.)


We, at Cherry Host, usually write it out as such: © [get_the_year]

This is not necessarily the way you may want it and because you created the short code, you could use this anywhere where short codes are used in Elementor.

FYI, if you want to display the copyright symbol like we have, hold the ‘alt’ key and on your number pad enter the following:


After entering the above code, let go of the ‘alt’ key and the symbol will appear.

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